This is blogging?  01.17.19 

Ok, so I guess this is blogging? Have you guys heard of it? It’s like a public diary.
Apparently, you just write things down for extended periods of time. It's supposed to be wild.

What follows, is me sorting out exactly what that might look like.

Where do I even start? I guess, I just did.

This isn’t entirely my first foray into writing stuff on the internet. My wife and I shared a blog a few years ago while we travelled through South America. But that wasn’t hard. It was an exciting time in our lives, full of fun stories that were easy to share. (and will likely re-share!)

But that was back then, just the two of us with nothing really to worry about.

We’ve been back to normal life for a while now. With you know, jobs and businesses and bills and adult stuff. And we just welcomed our first little nugget to our family. So I’ve been trying to figure out what, and what not to share. Even deciding where to share my stories and images can be challenging.

Sorting it all out seems a bit muddier now than when my wife and I were just a couple of dumb kids wandering around. I think perhaps navigating the online world has become difficult for a lot of us and adding your child to the mix doesn’t make things any easier. And well, if I’m sharing stories from my life there is no way I’m not going to talk about our new baby. One way to simplify things is to post directly to my own website.

And well, I’m lucky enough to have one of those! Hence, the blog. (Yeah…hence…)

I’m a photographer, and there isn’t anything I can do about it. For better or worse, I’m compelled to take photos, constantly. I am in love with freezing little short stories in time and saving those special memories for the future. Ultimately, this blog will be a place for me to share those moments from a personal perspective to better connect with you, the ones who allow me to share your personal stories.

That may include everything from beautiful weddings to interesting clients to important and not-so-important life events, and anything else that may happen along the way. Oh! And photos. Obviously, photos. From the past present and future! Oooo…Aahhh…

There are no mailing lists, do-dads, widgets or links to connect. Everything will be posted here directly on the site at If you would like to follow along in real time give the FB page a like for notifications.

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