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The Hippy Van

1/50 @ f/1.4 ISO160
Fujifilm X-T3 - 16mm

We just had a gnarly ice storm blow through, but I still needed to head out, so I brought a camera just in case. You know, something cool might appear in the ice. Murphy’s Law, however, dictates that I won’t see anything interesting when I am camera ready for the sake of being ready. This day didn’t seem to be any different. The sun never really came out to offer any shadows, reflections or depth, but still, the temperature elevated and the ice was melting away. It’s always strange when a winter night gets warmer than the day was. Anyhow, the day was mostly over. Then…
• Jumped on the highway home
• *POOF* Windshield wiper blows off on the on-ramp
• Immediately exit the highway to the nearest parts store
• Through the fog and rain in the parking lot, emerged this gem

What a cool vehicle, full of character and memories. A lot of forgotten memories too, I’m sure. The idea is to be ready for that one cool subject. So, I grabbed a shot of this rustic beauty to share with you and went on my way.

Certainly, this isn’t the kind of image I thought I’d find, following an ice storm…but, that’s part of the joy of photography, isn’t it?

(...and yes, I did secure shiny new wiper blades to the car...and yes, it's kind of funny that there is a wiper blade in this picture...and yes, I'm very happy that you stopped by. Have a very nice day!)

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